From Mr. Ibrahim Msabaha

Feb 7th, 1970 | By | Category: Scams

‘Just between me and you’ is the subject of the email. As if anyone would believe such lies.

The Ministry of Energy and Minerals
P.O.Box 2001
Dar es Salaam

Complement of the day to you,

This is to bring to your attention of our meeting yesterday during which I was empowered to contact you by my colleagues, I am the Commissioner of the ministry of energy and minerals, I am sorry if this letter come to you as an embarrassment but be rest assured that it was with trust that your particulars of contact reached us and I beg you to treat it with strict confidentiality for the sake of this transaction between us.

In the year 2006 the ministry of energy and minerals awarded a contract of $5 billion Dollar for mining of uranium to consortium of two firms namely Palabora Mining Company Limited, South Africa and Storsack France Sas, France the project has been completed in the year 2010. And much of short term loan and related debts paid off and with my position as the commissioner in the said department with collaboration of my colleague we have been able to reschedule for part of the payment already made to Storsack France Sas, France, the sum of $30 million U.S. Dollars. We took advantage of some irregularities in the corporations account records and this amount of $30 Million was easily reflected in the corporations update statement of account as outstanding debt owed to the France firm.

Also involved is the confidential transaction is senior accountant to the Bank of Tanzania. The senior accountant at this moment has ratified payment advised for the sum of $30 Million dollars in the Bank of Tanzania awaiting transfer abroad I and on behalf of my colleagues wish to transfer this amount into your company/personal account without any disappointment from you. We have agreed to give you 30% shared as the account owner 60% among us here in Tanzania 10% is set aside for expenses that may incurred during procure of documentation and the transfer of the funds into your account.

Please send the following information so we could proceed upon your agreement to this transaction.

1. Your Physical Address, Telephone and Fax number where you can be reached easily.

2. Your Bank Account Details including their Telephone and Fax number, Telex.

3. Your Account Beneficiary Name where the said some will be transferred too.

Finally, may you be notified about our meeting in a neutral ground of any African country as soon as your particulars are submitted to various ministry for us to able to see and have a face to face discussion with each other, As we are waiting for the requested information and in view of drug problems all over the world we advise not to discuss this transaction with anybody including your bank on till the fund hit your account because they may fell that the money is from drugs trade, but I assure you that documents to back the project executed by you or your company here in Tanzania will be sent to you from various ministry for evidence of transaction.

Yours Faithfully,

Mr. Ibrahim Msabaha

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