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The telephone number is for a scammer in the town of Malanville in Benin


We Are Here To Notify You That The Sum Of US$2,800,000.00 Was Generated And Awarded To You By The United Arab Emirates, West Africa Commission And The Western Union Foundation As One Of The Customers Who Uses Western Union In Their Business Transaction.

This Award Was Been Selected Through The Internet, Where Your E-Mail Address Was Indicated And Notified. The Western Union Foundation And The United Arab Emirates Commission Collects All The Email Addresses Of The People That Are Active Online, Among The Millions Of Our Customers Who Use Western Union In Their Business Transactions. Four People Are Selected Yearly To Benefit From This Promotion And You Are One Of The Selected Winners.

Therefore,Be Informed That We Have Already Sent You $10,000 U.S.Dollars Through Western Union As We Have Been Given The Mandate To Transfer Your Full Payment Total Sum Of US$2,800,000.00 U.S.Dollars Via Western Union.

We Tried Several Times To Reach You Through Phone And Give You The Payment Information Through Phone But All Our Effort Were To No Avail. Now, The First $10,000 US. Dollars Has Already Been Sent To You Today. As We Have Concluded To Effect Your Payment Through Western Union. You Will Be Picking Up $10,000 Daily Until The $2,800.000.00 Is Completed.

So, Contact The Western Union Agent: Mr. Vincent Rex. : +229 67 15 79 08 : ( ) Tell Him To Give You The MTCN Number ,Sender Name,Text Question And Answer To Pick Up Your First Payment Of $10,000.Dollar. You Will Pay Him $210 Dollars For The Processing Of The Ownership Certificate Before He Will Give You The Information To Pick Up Your First Payment Of $10,000.00.Dollar.

You Can Also Ask Him To Send To You A Proof, The Ownership Certificate Of The Funds. It Is For You To Be Sure That The Funds Belong To You.

Make Sure You Send The Following Information To The Western Union Office To Enable Them Verify And Be Sure That You Are The Real Beneficiary:

Your Full Name:
Home Address:
Phone Number:

The Only Money You Will Pay To The Western Union Office Is $210 Dollars And He Will Release The MTCN Number, Sender Name, Text Question And Answer To You To Pick Up Your First Payment.

As Beneficiary Will Be Required To Pay For The Processing Of The Ownership Certificate Before The Release Of The Full Payment Information. Please Bear This In Mind Before Forwarding Your Information To Him.

Please, Contact Mr. Vincent Rex Of The Western Union Office Now So That He Will Issue To You The Full Payment Information After You Might Have Paid The $210 Dollars For The Processing Of The Ownership Certificate, Again The Below Is His Address ( ).

Yours Faithfully,

William Edwards

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