From Mr Dylan Burke

Apr 29th, 1970 | By | Category: Scams

A claim to have $34 Million might have come with a greater degree of literacy.  The idea that anyone would solicit investment opportunities in such a way is plainly absurd.

The alleged email address: is a Pennsylvanian address. But click ‘Reply’ and you get: – not very convincing.

Investment partnership enquiries

The above subject refers.

We are making enquiries from you on behalf of a client of this firm who purposes to invest in your country, but opts to transact as a private investor and not through corporate or formal channels, as stock, FDI or FPI,which is to put simply, personally.

The fund investable and available is Thirty Four Million US Dollars (US $ 34M.), we confirm that the fund is clean, the source being a legacy, bequeathed and duly inherited under Islamic Laws. The target sectors are Real Estate, Manufacturing, Technology and Agriculture, the fund owner is open to suggestions and advice from you on the profitable industries where in the investment as proposed will be made.Should you be interested in this offer or in developing any future relationship with us, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Your response is anticipated.

Truly yours

Mr Dylan Burke,

V.P International Operations.





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