From: Mrs Edona Betim

May 26th, 1970 | By | Category: Scams

This one’s just silly.

Greetings to you i am waiting to hear from you,

Hello, (From: Mrs.Edona Betim ).

I wish to seek for your assistance in executing a financial transaction. I want to invest in manufacturing and property management while my son david will  continue his studies in your country. I am now in a refuge camp here  with my only son David in the Neighboring Country,GHANA. Due to the CONTINUAL political crisis and out break of the current war in my County, Cote D` Ivoire.

I have four million five hundred thousand U.S. dollars (4.5 million U.S.) inherited from my late husband in a Security, that I want to invest. I would like to solicit for your assistance in claiming these funds into your account or you can open a new fresh account in any country of your choice for the transfer to you.

I am presently residing in Accra, Ghana in west Africa, due to the political insecurity and war in my country of Origin, Cote’ D’Ivore former ivory coast. My bad husband relatives are also always hunting my life, because of this money I inherited . You can find out by yourself why I ran to this Neighboring country and contacted You, to save I and my son life, my inheritance and Future. or edition.

I’m ready to give you 30% of all the total sum as commission and efforts that you will provide when you agree to assist me in this transaction. If you want more information, please contact me immediately  for more details,

Awaiting your immediate response

more  blessing to you.

Sincerely yours,

Mrs Edona Betim


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