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May 31st, 1970 | By | Category: Scams

The lines of the disclaimer make humorous reading. They do not want people telling others of this attempt at criminal fraud.

Vaals Super Games
(Internet Sweepstakes Department).
Vaals, The Netherlands.
Tel: +31-649-578916
Fax: +31-708-910428

We officially write to notify you of our successful conduct of a recent Internet Sweepstakes Program of last week Saturday the 19th day of May, 2012 and also to inform you of how you became a winner in the said program. Your email address as active on the Internet and entered into this Sweepstakes program with a File Serial Number: V/6YZ4J/12, has won you it owner an approved cash prize of Ђ2,520,000 Only (Two Million, Five Hundred & Twenty Thousand Euro Only) in our open prize category. This approved and Certified winning fund were given out to each beneficiary as a Goodwill Gesture and you don’t need to purchase a sweepstakes ticket or play any of our online games to claim the prize money. See below are your winning details with which you can apply for the release of the winning funds to you.

Reference Code: VSGSweeps.
Winning Numbers: 5,9,13,20,21,33.
File Serial Numbers: V/6YZ4J/12.

You have to claim the said fund within 28 days of your receipt of this email message to avoid complications and we request that you send the above stated winning details with your complete full names, residential address (Not Email Address) and telephone number to any of the above email addresses of our payment department, for the release of the Sweepstakes funds to you. This message was sent from a notification alone email addresses and we do not check it regularly hence we will advice you only use the above said email addresses in writing our payment department.

They await your urgent response with the requested details.

Sincerely yours,
Piets Wiebers.
Vaals Super Games.
Vaals, The Netherlands.
Copyright (c) 2011

This is an Online Sweepstakes Program and our winner’s emerges by luck and they did not need to play our online games before participating in this Program. Should you decide not to claim the prize funds, then kindly ignore its content and delete it from your message address because it is a criminal offense to edit, use any part of it or even distribute this email message without a written permission from us.

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