It’s Urgent

Nov 22nd, 1970 | By | Category: Scams

Purporting to be from a friend, the return address for this mail was not his – not that he would likely to travel from Rwanda to Malaga! Do an Internet search for the telephone numbers, and this mail has been sent many times to many people.

Hope you get this on time, I made a trip earlier this  week to Malaga, Spain and had my bag stolen from me with my passport and credit cards in it. The embassy is willing to help by letting me fly without my passport, I just have to pay for a ticket and settle Hotel bills. Unfortunately for me, I can’t have access to funds without my credit card, I’ve made contact with my bank but they need more time to come up with a new one. I was thinking of asking you to lend me some quick funds that I can give back as soon as I get in. I really need to be on the next available flight.

I can forward you details on how you can get the funds to me. You can reach me via email or May Field Hotel’s desk phone, the numbers are, +349524034361 or +349524074344.

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