Thou shalt not muck things up

Jul 21st, 2005 | By | Category: Personal Columns

The greatest temptation of all is to tamper with things! Things might be pretty good, but maybe they could be better. Adam is enjoying life and Eve thinks things are OK, but maybe there could be just a bit more. ‘What about that apple?’ she says; and they get thrown out of the garden.

Eve today would be sitting in her garden enjoying the summer sun but would think if Adam got round to building that conservatory, wouldn’t life be just that much better? So poor old Adam puts on the fig leaf and is sent off to the DIY shop and sooner or later there is a blazing row.

I cannot resist tampering with things – I lost all the links on this website because I thought it was OK, but maybe I could tweak it a bit. I’ve never managed to get the links to work properly since.

Tampering is the basis for the whole advertising industry. Life might be fine, but you could be happier if you drove this car or had that holiday. Wouldn’t you be so much better a person if you used this shampoo or wore those clothes?

Godliness with contentment is great riches advises Saint Paul; if we have enough then we’re doing well. Happiness without a credit card would be a great achievement for most of us.

Tampering only makes us miserable. Say ‘no’ to the offer of apples and beware of serpents in DIY stores.

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