Noisy Christians

Feb 3rd, 2006 | By | Category: Cross Channel

Our parish held its annual ‘€˜social’ last Saturday evening, and a noisy affair it was.The DJ was of that generation where it is felt a reproach if people can communicate by any means other than shouting at the top of their voice into the ear of the person next to them.

I left before midnight, it being Saturday and there being worship on Sunday morning.The social finished at 1.00 or 1.30 or thereabouts; the organisers were home by around 4.30 and were in church at 10.30.

Walking the hundred yards or so between the parish centre and the rectory, I thought how tolerant our neighbours were about the noise we created.Even lying in bed I could still hear the music!

Our neighbours are clearly more understanding than those about whom I read today.

From Oxford Diocese comes this extraordinary story:

€œJanuary 27, 2006

Party Pooper Warning Light

I was visiting a great youth club last night, awesome bunch of teens and a superb team! I had a lot of fun even if I did get beaten at Table Tennis by Chris and Chris (Bob).

Anyway here’s the blogworthy funny story:

There was a bit of a group time and the end of which there was a prayer. As the prayer ended everyone shouted ‘AMEN’ really loud and looked up at the ceiling. As the ‘Amen’ resounded around the hall a light fitted to the rafters came on, lit up then went off. Everyone then went back to chatting, dancing to 80’s music (true), table tennis, making cookies and the like!

What was that?” I asked

Anyway, it turns out the “God Light” as the group call it is intended more as a ‘party pooper’ light! It’s a system fitted by the residents association (from the houses by the hall). If the noise reaches a certain volume the light comes on as a visual warning. If the warning is not heeded and the volume continues then ALL (I mean ALL) the electricity to the hall is cut off!

All credit to the group for redeeming he most officious piece of electronics I HAVE EVER ENCOUNTERED!’

The Oxford neighbours would clearly be unhappy with Christians here!

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