Doh answer to inquiries

May 29th, 2006 | By | Category: Personal Columns

We are trying to move house, which necessitates calls to various utilities, which should be straightforward, if it were not for the “Doh!” factor. Do some of the people practice being stupid or do they get taught it by their employers, or is it perhaps just part of our culture?

I remember a couple of years ago, picking up a Weetabix box. I had been eating Weetabix for thirty years. It hadn’t changed much in that time. For thirty years there had been the familiar yellow box and inside the white packets containing twelve biscuits each. Perhaps they had been doing it for some time, but I remember noticing that Weetabix had started printing instructions inside the box.

Opening the big long flaps that go along the top of the box, inside there are two short flaps. On these there were printed instructions on how to open the white packets containing the Weetabix.

Why did I need instructions on how to open a packet? What next? How to put the Weetabix in a bowl and eat them? Have people become so dull and unintelligent that they can no longer open a packet without a diagram to show them?

The manufacturers obviously thought this is necessary. They wouldn’t go to the bother of this extra piece of printing if they didn’t believe there was a reason for it. If the makers of Weetabix are now driven to printing instructions on how to open a packet, then what does this say about the society in which we live?

If people need a diagram giving instructions on how to open a packet of Weetabix, have they any initiative? Are they completely dependent upon others?

It is no wonder that there are so many claims for damages and insurance. People feel that they are not responsible for anything, if something goes wrong it must be someone else’s fault and they must be entitled to some sort of compensation. We have become dependent to the point that we need instructions in opening our breakfast cereal.

The next “Doh!” call centre person I talk to is going to get questioned about what they eat for breakfast and how they manage such a complicated task

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