Unwitting blessings

Feb 26th, 2007 | By | Category: Ministry

The archbishop blessed our new Rectory yesterday; it was a jolly occasion with the builder arriving with bottles of champagne. Everything is not 100% ready yet, but the house looks well.

I remember conducting a house blessing ten years ago. There was no crowd, just myself and the lady who was moving into the house. It was a fine new red brick house, the work of the Housing Executive in the North which has built the best public sector housing in these islands.

The lady was delighted at her new house, although had not intended to move, and had not even applied for a house, feeling that such fine new places should be for families. Her move was forced by a fire in the fifteen storey block of flats in which she lived.

The flats were grim, but her flat on the top floor had been a place of comfort and welcome. One morning she had opened the door to the girl from across the landing. The girl, standing drying her hair with a towel, announced that the flat that she and her boyfriend occupied was on fire and could she use the lady’s phone to call the fire brigade.

The lady had been wary of her neighbours and became convinced afterwards that the fire had been deliberate, “When they claimed £40,000 for the contents of the flat, I knew they had set fire to it”.

Anyway, by the time the call was made, the landing was filling with smoke. The girl left but the lady was frightened to leave her flat. Driving into the town, I saw smoke and flames billowing from windows of the top floor of the block and swung into the car park, fearful for the safety of the lady. Would anyone know that she was there and that she lived alone?

I stood in the car park and looked up and prayed silently. The lady stood on the balcony of her fifteenth floor flat looking down at the scene of red engines and flashing blue lights. She just stood looking down. The building was being evacuated and the crowd looking up gradually grew larger, and the lady still stood looking down. Eventually, two firefighters appeared beside and she was led down to safety.

I heard later that the lady told one of her neighbours, “When I saw the Rector standing there, I knew I would be all right”. I didn’t have the heart to say that I didn’t have the same confidence!

How often can we be a blessing to people without even knowing?

The prayers at her house were prayers on arrival at a new place, but also prayers giving thanks for the safe departure from the old – an intentional blessing to follow an unwitting blessing.

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