Converging realities?

Mar 25th, 2008 | By | Category: Spirituality

Twenty-five years after first reading it, last night I finished Philip Toynbee’s journal Part of a Journey. Toynbee, who was sadly to die in 1981, closes the book on 4th October 1979 with a quote:

Everything that happens in the world takes place not only on the earth that buries its dead, but also in some other dimension which some call the Kingdom of God· (Pasternak).

The journal is a spiritual exercise, but does Toynbee’s quote from Pasternak suggest a world so different from that envisaged by theories of quantum physics?

In the glossary to Quantum Theory Cannot Hurt You, Marcus Chown writes,

MANY WORLDS The idea that quantum theory describes every­thing, not simply the microscopic world of atoms and their constitu­ents. Since quantum theory permits an atom to be in two places at once, this must mean that a table can be in two places at once. Ac­cording to the Many Worlds idea, however, the mind of the person observing the table splits into two – one that perceives the table to be in one place and another that perceives it to be in another. The two minds exist in separate realities, or universes.

Is it possible that a spiritual journal and an explanation of theoretical physics could arrive at the same conclusion?

If Christianity is to be credible, shouldn’t some degree of convergence be expected?

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  1. Call me stupid but ..Are you postulating that the concept of heaven could be an alternative reality? You know this stuff fascinates me but boy does it confuse me.

  2. You’ve now got me thinking about Socrates and things being mere shadows of the true form. Metaphysics and the like are too hard to think about when you are a bit sleep deprived. My head hurts!

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