Stop gritting the teeth

Jun 9th, 2008 | By | Category: Ministry

The chimney sweep was brusque at the best of times. In the Co Down vernacular, he was “pass remarkable”, he could rarely complete his task without some complaint or criticism. In retrospect, it is hard to imagine what his complaints might have been about, but there was hardly an occasion when he hadn’t something to say.

Why did we carry on getting him? Because he was a good sweep. There would be hardly a loose flake of soot left inside the chimney after his vigorous efforts and, after he had gone, there would not be a speck of dirt inside the room. Maybe he subjected himself to the same critical attitude with which he approached the world, who knows? The important thing was his quality as a sweep; personality factors were entirely incidental.

An economist friend tells me that the church is now in a market economy, that with the decline of traditional allegiances in Ireland, the church must now compete for customers.

Without getting into talk of market share and product branding, he’s probably got a point. There are no certainties anymore, everything demands work and enterprise and without them a church very quickly slips into a downward spiral.

But what about the chimney sweep?

Are there grounds for being like the chimney sweep, doing the job well but not having to worry about being nice all the time?

There seem frequent moments when smiling through gritted teeth is a requirement of parish ministry; being nice to everyone on all occasions. It’s not a particularly biblical way of doing things, Jesus was angry when necessary, and sometimes it has to be asked whether it’s very effective.

Sometimes, don’t things need to be called as they are?

Is telling the truth incompatible with good salesmanship?

In a market place, isn’t there a niche for distinctiveness as well as niceness?

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  1. Ah tricky, tricky that one. I think you should be honest and forthright, surely it can be done without being rude or whiney like your sweep. I’d trust an honest salesman over the saccarin smile anyday. (is that an oxymoron?)

  2. Maybe the church accountants would like you to get prices from 3 chimney sweeps then they can choose the cheapest, regardless of whether they do the best job!!!! Just like the housebuilding industry, that is why quality in this field has gone out the window!!!!

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