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The Lambeth Conference website reported yesterday,

The Archbishop of Canterbury will today (Thursday 24th July) lay down a challenge to world leaders on behalf of the worldwide Anglican Communion and other faith groups: you must keep your promises on aid and development as failure to do so will lead to further starvation, disease and death in the world’s poorest countries.

Dr Rowan Williams will be joined in his plea to governments across the world by UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who will also address the audience of 650 Anglican bishops, their spouses, and representatives from other faith groups and Churches. The rally, set in the courtyard of Lambeth Palace, follows a walk of witness through central London, where up to 1,500 faith leaders, diplomats, parliamentarians and NGO heads will take to the streets to highlight the urgent need for more action on tackling poverty through sustainable solutions.

After the walk the bishops went on to a garden party at Buckingham Palace.

No that’s not a joke – that’s the truth.

You can even read a description of queuing to use Her Majesty’s loos at David Chillingworth’s site.

Does no-one find it slightly incongruous that the follower of a First Century Palestinian should use the courtyard of his palatial residence to talk about poverty before leading his assembled followers to a Royal garden party?

Does it not all seem just a little inconsistent?

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  1. Indeed . . .One part of me says good on ’em for actually making a public stand (it’s usually the people demonstrating not leaders) and another part of me feels it might be all for show! Incongruous it is.

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