Clonenagh Parish Notices for the Week

Nov 20th, 2010 | By | Category: Notice Board

The Newsletter for December is now available.

Midweek Services

At our midweek service at Borris-in-Ossory on Wednesday at 8 pm we begin a series on favourite carols with a look at ‘Once in Royal David’s city’.

Holy Communion for All the Family

Our weekly Holy Communion for all the family continues next week at Mountrath at 1130

The success of the plan depends upon the recognition that unity is strength—if, on one Sunday, someone comes from another church to ours, then we are prepared to go theirs on the next Sunday.  If the plan works it will mean each of the four churches will have a large congregation at least once a month and that we’ll have an opportunity for regular teaching.

Saints’ Days Services

The next Saint’s Day is Saint Andrew’s Day  on Tuesday, 30th November when there will be Holy communion in Mountrath at 8 pm.

Select Vestry Meetings

Clonenagh Parish Select Vestry meets on Tuesday, 30th November at 8.30 pm.  The fundraising committee will meet immediately after the vestry meeting.

Offerlane Parish Select vestry meets on Thursday, 2nd December at 8 pm.

Christmas Market

Clonenagh Parish holds its Christmas market on Thursday, 9th December at 7 pm.  Everyone welcome (and all offers of help welcome!)

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