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  1. hi i won a prize but i dont know how to calm i dont if this is a real prize.bill gate foundantion or laureat if this not real please dont send massages to people and lie to them if people read this please comment me back and if this is real plz contract me at my e-mail
    thankx you reads

  2. The email is posted here because it is a scam, a lie to get people to disclose information. There are lots of such scams and the ones I receive I post on my website so that people know they are not true.

    Do not respond to such emails and never give away personal information.

  3. how i would trust u so i think u are not the one who use to trick the account of the people of the would so it is my pleasure to be in first run of the winner i hope i will get my reward as u told me thank you.

  4. The email claiming to be from ‘Charlotte Chevalier’ is a scam, a lie to get our account details to try to take money from us. Do not ever respond to such emails.

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