Bank of Ireland 365 Scam — 4 Comments

  1. I love getting those urgent alerts from banks I have no dealings with [and some I have never even heard of].

    A word of caution though – while it is very tempting to send a somewhat inflammatory reply that can have its own dangers. “Inakiares” will happily ignore your message but add your email address to his list of verified addresses ripe for bulk mailing and spamming.

    In moments of extreme boredom though I have clicked on their links and filled out their forms with absolute rubbish. I get a moments pleasure imagining them frantically banging in a password and wondering why on earth it doesn’t work…

  2. I have an old Hotmail address I use for such occasions (I also use it in those premises that make you register to use their Wifi)

  3. Keep up your good work on scams
    The latest ones are from Irish Water and Eir
    I thought that the Irish Water one was very clever, I had started to fill in the form before it dawned on me
    I also likd your blog on “They also serve………”

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