The sea shall give up . . . — 3 Comments

  1. At least the sea has been merciful and given up his body quickly, so his loved ones can say ‘goodbye’.
    Hmm how many 47 year olds go around obeying every rule? This one doesn’t !!!!

  2. A line spoken by Jack Hawkins in the film ‘The Cruel Sea’ comes to mind, “Only the sea is cruel” so sad but so true.

  3. It’s a tragedy alright. Perhaps being Australians, we have a deeper respect for the sea . . then again, just yesterday a small recreational fishing boat collapsed after being hit by a freak wave, one man saved with only hyperthermia, the other drowned. their Life Jackets still in the polythene packs they were purchased in . . stupidity is not just the province of the young.

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