Chasing the old black dog — 8 Comments

  1. It is surprising how the weather can affect our moods Ian. When all else fails at least the brightness of sunshine seems to prevail here. I hope your clouds lift soon!

  2. It was a particularly long and dark winter. I too had to battle the dark clouds and struggle to stay positive. Thankfully we have turned the corner and can live in hope of sunshine to warm the old bones.

  3. I remember sitting on Dun Laoghaire pier on 1st November hearing a man saying that it was going to be a long winter – that will be five months ago on Wednesday. Hopefully, we will not have a summer as bad as last year, which was so bad that some wit commented in a letter to a newspaper that all that was needed to push everyone over the edge was George Lee – a very gloomy economics correspondent – being responsible for doing the television weather forecast.

  4. I walked along Church Road this evening. The only mongrels I met wore Nike hoodies, I became very tense as they walked towards me, they became tense also as they walked towards an overweight man with clenched fists. Why has society gone this way, I stereotyped them and them me.

  5. I went to school on Dartmoor. (My asthma was so bad that the county council sent me off to a special school) Dublin is always warm in comparison!

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