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  1. Ian another wonderful personal memory, I can remember coming home from Middlezoy one night in the summer, mid 70’s pushing my bicycle up Turn Hill wondering what the glowing in the verge was…….the one and only time I have ever seen Glow-worms!!!!
    On the subject of village halls, do you remember the fantastic childrens parties, held about every February in High Ham village hall ??

  2. I looked out the window with the car lights going down the dual carriageway and thought of the trip to Burrowbridge – when I did a serach I found that I had written about it three years ago, but that’s a thousand posts ago!

    Turn Hill always fascinated me – it was like a cliff face in the middle of very gentle countryside. Someone must have given it to the National Trust at some time.

    I used to love those parties in Ham hall. There were great games and a huge tea. I remember going to the hall for Sarah’s 18th birthday party in 1982 and the place had shrunk!

  3. Ian, I think I have got this right…….I believe that Turn Hill was given to the National Trust along with Stembridge windmill (the only thatched one left in England) by Prof Hugh Bellot who owned them both…I will need to check this out for sure,,,,

    I too have been to the Saturday market in the tiny village hall too….yes it has shrunk, and thats with the old stage removed………must have been removed to stop people falling over the edge….(‘elf and safety gone mad again) I wonder what H&S would have made of the hockey game we used to play at the childrens party…..the tied up sack we used to beat back and forth with the ‘hockey sticks’ cut from the hedge !!!! mmmm I remember the egg sandwiches and huge creamy trifles……

  4. Professor Bellot left the Windmill, cottage and garden to the National Trust in his will in 1969….I have had a search but cannot find reference to Turn Hill being given to the Trust by Prof Bellot, but I am sure it was….I dont think I ever saw the prof, he must have been around when we were kids though…….I can remember my Mother and Gran making mention of him….It was probably due to his bequest to the Trust…….I seem to remember the Mill was in a sad state then the National Trust did it up and put the sails back on……I’m now like a dog with a bone I need to find out if Turn Hill was given to the Trust by the prof!!!!

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