Long odds — 5 Comments

  1. I love the Garth Brooks song “Unanswered Prayers” (I won’t ask if you’ve heard it because I know it’s not your kind of music!) It’s about a guy who meets his old girlfriend at a football match, he remembers how he prayed that she would be his forever. His prayers were not answered and at that chance meeting he realises that sometimes God’s greatest gifts are the prayers he doesn’t answer.
    If you fancy a listen I found it on youtube, sorry about the awful cartoon.

    It’s nice every now and then to sit and reflect on how your life changes on the smallest of decisions. I like that poem too, I read it years ago and me being me, couldn’t help thinking that he wouldn’t really know where the other road would have taken him because he never took it!

  2. Aren’t Americans romantic? It would be hard to imagine an Irish singer doing such stuff! (Well, Daniel maybe!)

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