You know you are in Ireland when . . . — 6 Comments

  1. for one moment I thought one of the teacher from HBS had written to you…
    Kate’s achievement deserves to be widely known – even by someone who taught her 30 years ago.

    Concerning the post office, recently my sister had begun to receive mail with little smiley faces drawn on the envelope. The mystery was uncovered when at a family party two weeks ago someone said that a distant cousin worked in the sorting office : )

  2. I love the thought of getting post with smiley faces.

    A colleague once got a letter with his name and ‘Ireland’ as the address

  3. Maeve left her soft toy here at Christmas, I posted it to her (she said she couldn’t sleep without it – it was her favourite as a baby). It has disappeared…

  4. How can they lose a soft toy? It can’t exactly have slipped through a a hole in the bag or down the back of a cabinet.

  5. Maeve is sad that she (Bobo) has gone. We have rung both her local sorting office and mine – no joy. Poor Bobo seems to have gone forever…

  6. That is very sad. Bouncer disappeared in our house once and it caused great consternation.

    We have various Bobos here – he is a penguin the mascot of the ski schools in Austria and available in various forms to gullible parents!

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