A dead church — 6 Comments

  1. Always sad when a place redolent with history and emotion closes.

    At least your final gravestone gives a worthy sense of closure.

    You must also have felt this yourself when looking at the old graveyard in the Cill Iníon Léinín ancient church.

  2. Attending the service at Cill Iníon Léinín every June; there has been a sense of the place being loved; at least now, if not in the past. There was no such sense in Clonmellon.

  3. What an odd inscription. Glad you found a couple of photographs….and it was good to rescue the table.

  4. There was a suggestion about her being a ‘white witch’ whatever that is. The inscription seems to suggest that she wanted no Christian ceremony.

  5. I am just about to buy this church, and completely reinvent its grounds and offerings…., watch this space!!

  6. Excellent! Can I come and do a house blessing when it’s finished?

    (Don’t worry about the witch! I have always found the living much more difficult than the dead)

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