Moving house (again) — 6 Comments

  1. Good luck with the move. A few years ago when we moved three streets away, I was able to recruit my family into forming a furniture-bearing crocodile. Not much more trouble carrying it round the streets walking comapred to the effort of loading it up into a truck, and then down again. Gave the neighbours something to look at too.
    But we did deprive ourselves of that sitting on the sofa on the back of a trundling flatbed.

  2. Ian, I wish you peace and contentment in your new home.

    My last house move was 33 years ago. All my belongings fitted into the boot and back seat of a Cortina. I have accumulated many items since then, despite playing ‘I am moving to Australia’ in order to help me de-clutter!

  3. Everything is packed and the big lorry has departed. They are coming back with the small lorry in the morning to collect the remaining furniture. The place feels terribly sad 🙁

  4. All the best for the move Ian. I very much enjoy this blog as it resonates so much with me. I look forward to continued posts and how life back as a Rural Rector is going! Blessing to you both. RRR!

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