Bad news or good news? — 2 Comments

  1. Sounds horrendous. Glad that you both ok, only takes a fraction of a second for disaster to strike. The Good Lord looking down on you both, or His angels, since this is a day for Michaels’ and angels!!!
    Not long back from Leighlin and the organ dedication service, the music was out of this world, led by the Dean’s better half!!! It was truly awesome. Cathedral packed, hard to understand where all these people are on a sunday morning. The new organ is fantastic, and it was a lovely service.
    Hope you are both enjoying your holiday, and that your friends arrived safely.
    Soon be back to reality!!!! and the Close!!!
    Horrendous flooding in Spain, you probably seen it on tv, it’s unnatural what damage has been done, the storm is heading west, so don’t know whether that means France or Portugal!!!! Never one of my strong points Geography.
    Enjoy what time you have left, have the tractor driving Rt Rev coming tomorrow!!! That’ll be something else. Take care. God Bless. Lv Patty.

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