Who talks about polyester Protestants? — 5 Comments

  1. I agree with you Ian, but a few thoughts also.

    Don’t most debates take place within sectional circles?

    Do the responses from South County Dublin postal addresses, not highlight an overly dominant suburban middle-class Church of Ireland constituency which leads to a social disconnect from issues pertinent to other parts of the city?

    Are the issues raised not also pertinent to other Dioceses?

    My understanding of the term ‘Polyester Protestant’ is that the Archbishop referred to its use only in one place (he didn’t suggest it was widespread) and he made reference to it simply to illustrate a point regarding segregating and dehumanising labels.

    Signed, a South County Dublin, Private School Educated, Irish Times reading, middle-class Protestant (albeit with some redeeming roots in the Diocese of Cashel also!)

  2. Phil,

    Are the south Dublin addresses not more a function of the very limited circulation of the Irish Times?

    The debate has simply passed by the majority of Church of Ireland members.

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