Silly bishops — 4 Comments

  1. That Is am only learning of the House of bishops statement today 26 May probably says more about the relevance of these individuals to me an ordinary member of the C of I than any words I could utter.

  2. It is very hard for those of us working at the coalface of ministry, sowing seeds in an increasingly rocky terrain, to have those above us spraying weedkiller on those seeds, in the name of caution or principle, rather than the name of Love.

  3. I wonder if the statement was issued out of fear rather than caution or principle. Perhaps the Bishops who signed up to the statement were afraid of a reaction from the loud voices, largely but not exclusively from places North of Dundalk, who write letters to the Gazette condemning those who do not share their views on issues around human sexuality.

  4. I find myself to be increasingly congregationalist in my thinking! I am not sure what the bishops talk about when they meet, as they seem to do a lot, but whatever it is does not translate into an engagement with the reality around us.

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