And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone — 8 Comments

  1. Clean shelf may be an improvement on untidy shelf

    But empty shelf is a much sadder and depressing sight than a shelf of books. A bookshelf tells more about the occupant than pictures on the wall.

  2. One of the aspects of the CoI is the size difference between the average parish church and the average country CoI residence. Usually you could fit the footprint of the church into the parlour.

  3. The Deanery in Kilkenny is a monster sized building. Not many rooms, but large ones which could quite comfortably accommodate a country congregation.

  4. My study has one wall that is shelved from floor to ceiling, and the shelves are full. In Kilkenny, Katharine is constantly warning that when we retire most of our books will have to go.

  5. I expect the Deanery is a good bit older than the Georgian ones you see out in the countryside. Mind you it’s hard to tell just looking at a building. I know in Galway when they were redeveloping houses inside the walls the carcase had been redesigned dramatically by taking floors out and re-jigging the number. They found fireplaces from the 14/15th midway up walls and filled in windows crossing floor levels.

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