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  1. If I might sink a nail in the horseshoe. Yes, you might gain an agreement, but when its based on the reasonableness of a status quo anti the agreement merely resets, thence, to progress through to end up in the same place.
    We, on these islands operate a legal system designed from Walpole on to create a debt slavery for the lower orders and with legal protection for those with land and liquid wealth.
    So, at core, are the DUP and the Burke’s better served in GB or Ireland, since legally both are playing the same game on its face. But no, they aren’t.
    In the 1940 the judiciary in Eire decided to copy and paste ALL laws and legal precedent that applied to Ireland. This included all laws enacted in Dublin pre 1801, and after. And everything enacted by the Free State. The two Islands held three distinct visions of justice, Scot, English and Irish, with the Scot seeing the Person more in prime.
    True, the system of laws was better that the version of Marcher Law that existed before. And true, the odd result from the Penal Laws was a similar shift to trade since the ownership of Land wealth was blocked forcing the Catholic and Dissenter into that area.
    And true, the means of congress went to the Masonic Lodges where all beneath treated, and eschewed royal justice.
    But we’ve reset all the social protections won by campaigners with the exception of votes for women to something pre 1850 and calling it both progress and necessary. And this in an economic system where conceptual currency is treated like Gold.
    Ireland, like GB, while the person hasn’t singular Rights in law will always default to the legal space where the term Emancipation is one in the gift of another.

    I’m of the opinion that compelled speech is dangerous in a body politic where the tool available is State violence, for this is the tool of the Marcher arena, not one based in Free Speech. And given the willingness of the Irish judiciary and AG’s to reach back to Government of Ireland Acts to form legal justifications the unionists and DUP would be mad to attempt a closer relationship while this climate reigns.

  2. English liberalism seems to have spent a long time ending up in the same place.

    The assumption of reason is no guard against those who have used the system to engineer a major transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich.

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