Leaving Cert

Aug 13th, 2008 | By | Category: Personal Columns

490 points.

The median point last year for a gaining a place at Trinity College, Dublin to read engineering.

Being right at the centre of the field is a good place to be – it’s four years to the finish.

The truth will be revealed at 6am on Monday when the first round of offers go online, but the prospects look good.

Of course, I didn’t comment on my own experiences on a similar day twenty-nine years ago.  With predicted grades of  A, A and B, fourteen points out of fifteen, as the A levels were scored in those days, I finished up with A, C and E; just nine points.  It was three points short of what I needed to go to Bristol, I got my second choice, the London School of Economics.

On the day, it seemed a disaster; a generation on and a little bit of revisionism has crept in.

Sat at the kitchen table last night with the accountant who was trying to make senses of my tax affairs, I commented on investments.

“How did you know that?” he asked.

“I went to the LSE”.

“Smart kid, eh?”

“I got my B.Sc. (Econ.)”

I didn’t mention a bad day in August 1979.

Everything looks different from a distance.

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  1. Congratulations to the boy. I had one who got a brilliant score and decided to be a Graphic Designer, (one of the toughest industries to get into)another who just snuck through and did three years of horticulture which in hindsight was a waste of time . . an apprenticeship would have done just as well. ‘P’s are degrees as they say! Five years down the track and frankly, nobody will care. Seems a lot of pressure for kids to deal with these days.

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