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Jan 28th, 2008 | By | Category: Personal Columns

Baino (this is a link to her blog) tagged me for one of the meme things. Being an old grouch who finds even Facebook an insufferable bore, I was going to ignore it, but she might swear at me in Australian.

It was to list six unimportant things about oneself (that’s not hard):

1. I go to watch Bray Wanderers AFC fairly infrequently

2. I once got £2 from the Daily Mirror in 1979 for a letter I wrote, the only time I have been paid for writing anything.

3. I am an avid follower of the Tour de France, though have never raced anything.

4. I learned to swim when I was 38

5. I walked Hadrian’s Wall in 2006

6. I once had a row with a Dutch immigration official because he was singling out black people.

I’m not doing the second part of the tag because I don’t really know many bloggers.

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  1. There grumpy drawers. Wasn’t that hard! And good for you learning how to swim at such a late age.

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