Late flowering crocuses — 5 Comments

  1. Full marks to whoever gave you the crocus bulbs.

    As a present – it’s full of expectation, gives lots of pleasure, lasts a lot longer than a box of chocs and is much better for the waistline!

    I never heard of putting bulbs in the fridge though? Maybe it’ll get eaten after all 😀

  2. Ah we can’t observe everything . . some things just slip by without being noticed. I remember crocuses (or is it croci) My mother used to raise the bulbs in the cupboard under the stairs and bring them out to flower on the windowsill. They have a lovely fragrance from memory. Oh, and they probably will flower, the fridge just creates a ‘winter’ environment for the bulbs which I believe can germinate at any time as long as it’s cold. You just might not see them peak till summer! hehe.

  3. There was something on the packet about them not being edible bulbs but I’m wondering if they don’t flower, whether the leaves are edible. (Chop them up with all that other stuff they put in salads and slosh dressing all over them and no-one will notice)

    But what about the bloke who missed the cricket trip? Can you imagine living in some mill village and missing out on the chance to travel by liner to Australia?

  4. Slice the bulbs thinly crush a clove of garlic, mix together and lightly sautee in butter. When there is a little colour to the mix gently rip the leaves and add to pan, turn off the heat and allow to sweat down.Mix in a tablespoon of creme fraiche and tip out over some pasta!!!!!!!!!!mmmmmmmI do love cooking.

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