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Mar 29th, 2008 | By | Category: Personal Columns

Miss Todd was headmistress of the three teacher primary school I attended from September 1965 until February 1967

There are so many truths expressed in the caption to the coronation photograph from a book celebrating the history of a small Somerset village:   the local and the universal; the power of the personal story; maybe even the equality of humanity.

I think what I like best is its illustration of the ‘six degrees of separation’ theory.

The Queen of England was crowned by my school teacher’s uncle.



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  1. Whilst on that theory i have a similar connection with many famous people. I went to college with and was quite good friends with Sanjeev Bhaskar of Goodness Gracious Me and Kumars at No.42 fame. He was seen to be sitting in the front row at Charles and Camillas wedding so therefore has probably has some contact with the queen too. This has never occured to me until now and to be honest is not likely to come to the fofront of my mind again too often. Just silly triva.

  2. There was an old music hall song that went, “I danced with a man who danced with a girl who danced with the Prince of Wales” or something like that.

    Michael, when still in a bucket seat, sat for a service beside the man who did Charles and Camilla’s wedding.

    Of course, the problem is that the six degrees is supposed to be in all directions – the odious government of China, the foul Mugabe, the strange Mr Bush. (I thought we had no possible connection to Mugabe then remembered a Zimbabwean exile in Kate’s church and exiles I met in Bristol)

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