It would be nice if I stopped

Apr 23rd, 2008 | By | Category: Personal Columns

It’s supposed to be like the Bay of Naples – to the extent that the terrace at the far end is called Sorrento. A bit romantic maybe, Ireland has hundreds of bays more spectacular and more beautiful.

Since the school introduced a minibus service last autumn, our school run avoids the thrills of the M50 and is a three minute run down to the station.

“Are you ready?” is shouted half a dozen times each morning and around 7.20 we leave.  Up Killiney Avenue, along Killiney Hill Road, down Strathmore Road, meeting the Vico Road at the pop singer’s house, before going down Station Road.  The railway station is on the beach.

At 7.30 in the morning there is a rush for the station: women in shoes that will make them pay in later life; thirty-something men puffing down the road from the Ballybrack direction; tardy young things in two door coupes running from the car park to make the citybound train.  It would be a good exercise in person watching to sit there for an hour some morning.

For a moment, though, there was tranquility.  The water was unrippled and the bright spring morning was filled with sunlight.  A single fishing boat made a steady progress across the bay, heading towards Dun Laoghaire.

It would be nice to live here, to live here as opposed to rush around here.

The tranquility must have lasted around three seconds.  “Have a good day”. Doors were opened and slammed.  The distributors of the free papers were busy handing out the morning edition at the station entrance. The circuit was completed by driving up Military Road, through Ballybrack village and back down Church Road.

One day, I will find some time to pause (and even take my camera with me so I don’t have to use pictures from a Saturday afternoon in the winter)



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  1. I love mornings like those.

  2. Give me an Irish bay any day Ian, My favourite beach is Keem Strand at the top end of Achill Island, I have spent many peaceful times there listening to the ‘plop’ of the silver sand being eroded as the little stream meanders across the beach to the sea.

  3. Come on over to my place . . .I’ll show you a real beach – not Bondi. I can’t imagine a railway near the beach . . (Actually it looks very pretty and you were very clever to get high enough for that rather daring arial shot.) There seems to be a Sorrento in every country! There’s a Sorrento beach in Victoria on the Mornington Penninsula.

  4. Grannymar,

    One day I’ll stop and savour the morning.


    The Kerry and Galway beaches are wonderful as well, far more spectacular than the east coast.


    Daring aerial shot? It’s called standing on a bridge. I know Oz is so big that you don’t need such things! strangely enough, I went to Sorrento in British Columbia before encountering Sorrento in Ireland.

  5. Ian
    Yes that reminds me I have had a good walk of the beach at Inch

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