It would be nice if I stopped — 5 Comments

  1. Give me an Irish bay any day Ian, My favourite beach is Keem Strand at the top end of Achill Island, I have spent many peaceful times there listening to the ‘plop’ of the silver sand being eroded as the little stream meanders across the beach to the sea.

  2. Come on over to my place . . .I’ll show you a real beach – not Bondi. I can’t imagine a railway near the beach . . (Actually it looks very pretty and you were very clever to get high enough for that rather daring arial shot.) There seems to be a Sorrento in every country! There’s a Sorrento beach in Victoria on the Mornington Penninsula.

  3. Grannymar,

    One day I’ll stop and savour the morning.


    The Kerry and Galway beaches are wonderful as well, far more spectacular than the east coast.


    Daring aerial shot? It’s called standing on a bridge. I know Oz is so big that you don’t need such things! strangely enough, I went to Sorrento in British Columbia before encountering Sorrento in Ireland.

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