Harvest home — 2 Comments

  1. Thought your column concerning the harvest service at
    Cloneyhurke captured the deep spirituality of rural life
    in Ireland and the pride which country people have in
    their community.
    I took experienced a similar service recently in a rural
    COI church located in rolling, countryside on a beautiful,
    sunny June day. Unfortunately, it was the funeral service
    of a friend’s father – a farmer with a deep love of nature and
    hard work – who had died suddenly.
    One wonders how we can replicate that sense of community
    and Christianity you witnessed in Cloneyhurke in the new soul
    less housing estate which are popping up all over the eastern
    reaches of the Midland counties.

  2. Gerard,

    Thanks for your comments.

    I think community has been Ireland’s greatest asset and am sad to see it eroded as we drift into a rootless anonymity where people live only in order to work and to consume.

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