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  1. Man I had it handy! I didn’t realise it until now. Back in the early 80’s my circle were nearly all musicians (except me) and every genre was acceptable. At parties we’d play/sing anything from Tom Waits to Status Quo to Christy Moore to Herbert Gronemeyer. Experimentation was king.

  2. In my day, it was even handier. There was only one real group – the Beatles, or at a pinch, the Stones.

    Later I got into the music scene, and it was all Simon and Garfunkle, Tom Paxton and James Taylor. Happy days!!

  3. Growing up eight miles from Glastonbury (I could see the Tor from my bedroom window), I always felt I had missed the boat in musical terms and that most decent musicians were dead before I had even had a chance to hear them. (My fourteen year old daughter thinks Janis Joplin’s Mercedes Benz is ‘cool’)

    My memories of the early 80s are mostly of Boy George and other such stuff!

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