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  1. Like you Ian I could write a book on things that happened to me over the past 30 years in the North. Most of them I wish to forget.

    I will relate just 2. Both to do with my car.

    On a December night years ago while driving down the M2 to assist at The annual Hospice Candlelight service, I felt I had a puncture. Being near the Greencastle offslip I lurched my way slowly off the Motorway. I pulled over and very quickly a car pulled up. A man in his fifties got out and said “You look like you are in a bit of trouble”. He was a minister at pastor McConnells Church and he changed my tyre, and stayed until I had started my car and moved off.

    The second time was a cold wet and dark November morning at 7.50am. This time i ws on the A8 and pulled over. I struggled to get the nuts off and managed to loosen three but the fourth would not budge. Cars flew past everyone intent on getting to work.

    I was deciding to give up on my efforts and put the nuts back and lock the car when a man stopped. A find solid young man this time, he was an ambulance man on his way home after a nights duty. He had difficulty with the fourth nut but eventually got it to move. He replaced the tyre and set me on my way.

    I can never pay them back for their kindness, so instead I try to pay forward by doing something for someone else.

  2. Coming from England when I was 22, and living there until I was 38, I loved most of the people I met. I could never reconcile the private generosity with the public faces some people would show!

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