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  1. Very well put. I just took Wobegon Boy down from a shelf and cracked it open. I guess I acquired it in 1998 since there’s a dated note tucked inside.
    I had never read it. I got to the Flambeaus and had to google–quite confident the books were a fiction but wishing they weren’t since that sort of high-society detective fiction is meat and drink to me–and came across this commentary.
    Well! I read that Ian McEwan novel all the way through several years ago–hating it and the characters (even their house, having spent an uncomfortable week house-sitting a similar residence in St. John’s Wood) but not able to set it aside. I wanted to find out what happened and figured this celebrated writer must have something worthwhile to say. Um, no. Or, if so, it escaped me.
    Thank you for putting “Saturday” into reassuring perspective. It is just as absurd as P. G. Wodehouse but not nearly as much fun. I now feel validated in my lack of interest in ever reading or listening to another word from the great writer.

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