Fraughtness — 3 Comments

  1. Surely not getting married is a fairly drastic way of finding a camcorder lead?

    A simpler rule is to start the search in the least likely place. I usually start in the bread bin, and follow it up with the fridge.

    Have a great holiday. Think of us waterlogged wretches while you are enjoying the sun.

  2. Ian, when you start hiding things on yourself it is a very bad sign! When they are under your nose and you don’t see them it is even worse!;)

    I can only speak on 1 & 3 above. My husband used to say that life was to short to fight and no matter what happened he said it was not as bad as a bad marriage.

    I think he had a point.

  3. Fraughtness won’t go near describing the atmosphere when I announce that I have today, in the middle of packing for a month, to go to the Church of Ireland library in Rathgar to return a pile of books!

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