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  1. Hi Ian
    Through the wonder of Google I have just come across your blog entry of August 2007 featuring the memorial tablet for the Mead brothers who were killed in action in July/August 1917. A very sad story and I feel a particular connection as I am a Mead and probably related to James and Thomas. My great great great grandfather was Thomas Mead who wasmarried to Honor Uttermare in Curry Mallet, Somerset and could be the boys great grandfather.
    Please can you let me know which Church the memorial tablet is located in and whether you have any more information on this branch of the Mead family.
    Kind regards,
    Richard Mead

  2. Hello Richard,

    The memorial tablet is in Saint Andrew’s Church in High Ham, Somerset. Sadly, Joy Vigar, the lady who told me about the brothers, died in the autumn of 2016. I shall see if I can discover any other information.

  3. Dear Richard,
    I have just read your comment. Honour Uttermare who was married to Thomas Mead was also my great great great grandmother therefore we must be related. I am researching the Uttermare line which sadly the surname appears now to be extinct. Do make contact.

    Best regards,

    Sue Delves-Broughton.

  4. Dear Richard,

    Would love to make contact as Honour Mead was my great great great grandmother. Please email or ring 01963210993.

    Best regards, Sue Delves-Broughton.

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