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  1. Grannymar,

    What fascinated me was how he would write in a very formal Victorian style, but occasionally his own true self would break through, as when he talks about their brother Quinn, who was always in trouble. There seems to be bad blood between he and his father!

  2. Indeed, Ian, Uncle William had a fine way with words and did a good job of telling the tempo of those times. As I expected, he told of the hard work required to make if in that cold and difficult country. I am not surprised that he had to sell some of his claims as small miners are at a great disadvantage in extracting and processing ores especially complex ores with copper and other metals within. There is a joke about the prospector who won a million dollars in the lottery and kept mining until it was all gone.

    The mining claim I was gifted with was claimed in 1932 by my friends father and he did hit a motherlode and went on to build her a 18 room house here in Phoenix (Google, The Mystery Castle, Phoenix AZ) Its sad that William had to return to Ireland, go off to war and die from the gas at such a young age.

    Thanks for sharing the letter, it was good read .

    Bob Gately

  3. Ireland was a grim place in those times. Robert had a brother, William, who emigrated to Detroit and sent a postcard of the Dime Savings Bank in 1915. The US and Canada were far in advance of Europe.

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