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  1. Hello Ian,

    I have often read your comments on Grandad’s blog Blog and decided to visit your site today.

    I enjoyed reading about Father Des O’Brien and would like to comment on a remark you made at Grandad’s and apply it to your story today.

    You said that sometimes you see only six old ladies and their dog.

    Now to go go Father O’Brien’s story, it was one elderly lady who made him realize that even though he could not speak, he was speaking volumes just by being on the altar every day. So, maybe one old lady is enough if your presence satisfies her spititual needs.

    I love your comments on Grandad’s, Ian and look forward to reading your blog more often.

  2. Hi Nancy,

    Six old ladies and a dog is probably an unfair description of the Church of Ireland – but I think Kevin Myers has used it. Our number are very small though, particularly in the west of the country; in Dublin we would be stronger, in nominal terms anyway.

    I think Des O’Brien’s story found resonance with me because as well as being about what he was rather than what he did, it was also about ministry to the the very faithful, who are always there and whom we take almost for granted.

  3. Hello Ian,

    I have been reading some of your stories
    from former times and would appreciate
    your telling me how you are savings these
    wonderful essays for future generations.

    The old saying is: “When an old person
    dies, it is like the library burned down.”
    For instance, without the older parishioner
    to tell you the story of the Mead brothers
    you would not have learned the tragedy
    behing the memorial on the wall of the church.

    So, you are writing these beautiful stories
    and you must be saving them somehow for
    those who come behind you. How are you
    doing that? I am writing my family stories
    and I would like your advice on the best
    way to keep them and make certain they are
    passed on.

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