Truth and forgiveness — 1 Comment

  1. You know Ian, it’s a simple word ‘reconciliation’ but it scares most people. Particularly politicians and litigators who have a feeling that if they actually ‘recognise’ an injustice took place that they would somehow be subjected to litigation or a land grab. John Howard refuses . . .absolutely refuses . . .to apologise to our indigenous people for the 1950’s policy of stealing aboriginal children and raising them in white households. Some survived intact and indeed better educated and in better health than they perhaps would have been . . .many however, are now suffering due to the disenfranchisement and the childhood memory of being snatched from their indigenous carers. Why is it so hard to apologise? Reconciliation here can’t begin until we recognise that there’s a problem. I think its incredibly cathartic for people to tell their story – the truth is different for everyone! Thoughtful post. Thanks.

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