Broken windows and suitcases — 2 Comments

  1. Ian,

    In my city, the buses and subway trains
    used to be covered in graffiti. Also, any
    wall was considered a canvas by the graffiti
    “artists”.They used to have books of their
    “Art” and would go around comparing their
    work with the work of the other lowlifes
    who also defaced every surface in the city.

    Then someone got the bright idea of removing
    the drawings and scribblings as soon as
    humanly possible.They hired people to literally
    follow these people around with a bucket of
    paint and wipe out their “work” immediately
    after they finished.It was successful! They would
    go to all the trouble to steal the spray paint
    and spend an hour doing the scribbling only to
    have it wiped out before anyone could clap
    eyes on it.

    They stopped doing graffiti and now our trains
    are very clean and our walls have murals that
    the city commissioned real artists to do.

    The answer to these problems is really fairly
    simple. You have to outwit these characters
    and take back the city.

  2. Hi Nancy,

    There’s a kind of middle class liberalism that regards anti-social behaviour as an expression as some kind of cultural expression. The people who come up with such theories don’t have to live in the areas where life is often made miserable by an uncontrolled few. As soon as it’s their place that is broken into or their property that is damaged, they want tough police action!

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