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  1. As a Site Manager I think it is a shame that such an important part of the construction of a house is never really appreciated by the puchaser of the property,as the scaffold is gone by moving in day.Scaffolders are highly skilled members of the construcution team. I am glad you had time to watch.

  2. Les,

    Maybe they have to be extra vigilant here, but every sing moved seemed to be weighed up. They are back this afternoon removing more – it seems very laborious!

  3. Yes Health aand Safety here is very important,we still kill too many people in the construction industry.Not been flippant as 1 person is too many. Erecting and stripping scaffod is very labour intensive, and you have to be very fit although there is a knack to uprighting a 21′ tube,I have watched men in their 60’s still able to do it.

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