Little people don't count — 4 Comments

  1. Grannymar,

    Surely it isn’t. Wouldn’t there be such an outcry that no Government could withstand it if such a a thing happened? Or would there?

  2. Ian I work for a British national housebuilder and I get the same service from a lot of our suppliers,Its all about bad attitude and poor customer service, but still they get awarded contracts,probably because they are cheap!!

  3. Les,

    I’m glad it’s not just me! I phoned this morning and the girl was adamant the engineer had called on Friday (when we had left our English friend in the house to look out for him) and could get no answer, so struck the call off his list. Seemed a convenient thing to do when a bank holiday weekend was about to begin. Now he’s down to call tomorrow, I won’t hold my breath.

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