Yellow and black reminders — 3 Comments

  1. Reading of road works took me back to when I was touring around the Beara Peninsula 3 years ago rounding a corner there was a 25t 360 degree tracked excavator with a rock pick attachment stood on one side of the road reaching across and pecking away at the rock face, widening the road. They wre using the oil drums and the ‘banksman’ beckoned me on and I had to drive under the excavators outstretched arm, I roared with laughter! brilliant!! there is no way I could do that in England with our ‘Health and Safety’ police!!!!! Dont let your road menders change.

  2. Les,

    I sit on the Irish board of an English-based organization, we meet three times a year and most of the time seems to be spent discussing “structures” and “risk assessments”. I am not aware that England is a noticeably more organized or safe place. I think there is much to be said for plain common sense!

  3. Ian

    I couldn’t agree more, we were having a Managers meeting yesterday where our Health and Safety Manager was telling us that in the 6 months since we have had to fit ladder gates 3 people have fallen down a ladder,the year before ladder gates were fitted no falls!

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