Not keeping secrets — 3 Comments

  1. Unfortunately its Religion and the church itself that gets the blame by the masses as been rife with paedophilia not the evil perverts who carry out the acts and hide behind the cloth.They do need exposing and helping to get rid of their perversion, sometimes caused by something that happened in their childhood.

  2. I think it’s best to bring things into the open. I have friends who were damaged by the propagation of secrecy and inuendo, it damn near distroyed their lives . . they were the victims of gossip and supposition in a small country town which got way out of hand and Government Agencies were involved in the temporary removal of their children! Can you imagine! Had anyone actually spoken to them rather than spread rumours based on assumption, they would have learned the truth. (sorry a bit veiled I know) The difficulty is getting victims to acknowledge the truth or be brave enough to speak out and this sometimes takes years. Tough one Rev. I think the Church should intervene when it’s parishioners or clergy are involved.

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