Boring mobiles — 4 Comments

  1. Sorry Ian I am part of the pro mobile brigade. I find that it is so good to send texts to friends and without our daily texts we would not be able to know what the other is doing. We can keep in touch with just a few words – sometimes a friend is experiencing difficulty and a text can be a call for a helpful word. Yesterday I left my shopping list behind and I was able to get it texted by my helpful husband.

  2. Barbara,

    I have a mobile, just as I have tyres on my car and extension leads in the house, but I would be bitterly disappointed if I got one for Christmas! I have no problem with them as a form of communication, but when they become the substitute for actually being with people, I think we have lost something important.

  3. It’s a bit of a cliche to complain about the commercialisation of Christmas, but it is terribly depressing how every kind of functional or other piece of shopping gets attached to Christmas and the radio and TV constantly admonish us to buy all these dull, expensive things. As you say, it’s just so boring. I love Christmas, and I love presents and carols and Christmas food and all the aspects of the celebration, and I resent it being reduced to a commercial opportunity.

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