A funeral amongst friends — 4 Comments

  1. In our minds and hearts this morning we were all in Greendale – but our Vicar is not absent minded. Our Vicar is someone who has a very warm heart, a very thoughtful nature, a wonderful way with words and prayers. He can encourage and comfort the eldest and the youngest with a word, a gesture and a laugh. He is truly a man living out his calling in life to serve his God among God’s people. There are many people who need his time and care at the moment and he surely is a blessing to them and us all. May God richly bless our Vicar and his family in 2008.

  2. I was watching Jerusalem and Jam last night which made me think of you and your little Parish. (It’s probably nothing like that!) That previous comment is obviously from a grateful parishioner and it’s quite clearly the impresson I get. You must be doing something right!

  3. Baino,

    Pay no heed to comments – I pay them to say that!

    We aren’t jam and Jerusalem – we are very suburban

  4. Haha . . obviously you do not pay them enough . . you only got one comment!

    Ah, I’m sorry you’re not like Dibley or the village in Jam and Jerusalem! I have this mad picture of Ireland being little villages and muddy fams with stone walls, wild ponies and travellers in pretty caravans . . .sort of Ballykissangel . . .much like Americans think we all wear cork hats, speak fluent Coori and have to shoo roos off the main streets of Sydney!

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